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INCI: Hydrogenated Jojoba Oil
INCI: Jojoba Esters

Top Quality Jojoba Beads and Wax Available

Floratech provides superior quality and service. Floratech’s jojoba products are 100% natural.

Florabeads Jojoba are hard, smooth, free-flowing microspheres which provide gentle yet effective exfoliation. Florabeads are 100% natural, biodegradable and contain no microplastics.

• Stable
• Biodegradable
• Gentle yet effective exfoliation
• Many standard colors
• Various sizes

Floraesters 70 is a hard white wax delivered as free-flowing particles for ease of addition.

• High oxidative stability
• Strengthen stick products
• Odorless, non-tacky natural wax
• Free-flowing particles